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Welcome to the final installment! This week we're looking at an article that was published five years after the Belgian UFO wave, and dissent from UFO researchers.

Missed Parts 1, 2, or 3 of Belgian UFO article? Don't worry! Click below to get started.

The Sunday Express

The Sunday Express is a sister paper to the Daily Express, a British tabloid newspaper. The Sunday Express was launched in 1918 and currently has a circulation of a little over 250,000.

September 17, 1995

The Sunday Express published an article about the UFO sightings that happened just over five years prior. The article says the sighting is "the best attested sighting of a UFO ever reported, and the one that refuses more stubbornly to yield to rational explanation...

"It was sighted by no fewer than 13,500 people on the ground — 2,600 of whom, including judges and police, filed written statements describing in detail what they had seen...

"Today the Sunday Express can reveal a confidential letter in which  former Belgium Defense Minister Leo Delcroix admits that despite the most rigorous official investigation, no earthly explanation has been found."

UFO Researchers

A UFO researcher named Derek Sheffield investigated and complied information about these UFO sightings and the government's involvement. A former chairmen of NATO's military committee actually agreed to write the foreword for A Deadly Concealment. He wrote a letter to Sheffield, saying, "Let me say at once that I find the account of the two Belgium sightings entirely convincing. What is unusual is that the Belgium MoD, police, Air Force, and politicians have all been forthcoming."

A distinguished scientist and UFO book author, Edward Ashpole, said "the sheer volume of eyewitness accounts plus the radar tracking and Air Force reports make it hard to ignore." He noted that no American aircraft were in Belgian airspace at the time, and no plane could hover or move only a few miles in an hour without crashing.

That's it for this month's investigation! Next month we'll be looking at mysterious green balls of fire seen in New Mexico in the early 1950s.

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