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The World's Best UFO Photo

Named the Calvine Photograph, this photo was taken by two people hiking in the Scottish Highlands, way back in 1990. It and five others were taken about 35 miles northwest of Perth, Scotland.

The photos were sent to Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, which forwarded them to the Ministry of Defence. For some reason, the paper never ran the story and the MoD never brought it up again. The photos were never released to the public until now.

An academic and journalist named Dr. David Clarke was able to uncover the photo after many years of research. Dr. Clarke was a curator for the MoD UFO files project and is an associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University. He managed to find the photo after he contacted Craig Lindsay, a former Royal Air Force press officer.

The photo above is credited to Sheffield Hallam University and Craig Lindsay.

Lindsay was the liaison between the press and the MoD, and thus had kept a copy of the photo he was handed in 1990. He still had the original envelope from the Daily Record and the photograph inside.

The hikers who captured the photograph said they saw a metal object about 100 feet long that hovered for about ten minutes at a low him. Fighter jets passed in the distance, and the object quickly shot into the sky and vanished.

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