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Welcome back! This week we're taking a closer look at what two F-16 pilots witnessed in March 1990.

Missed Parts 1 and 2? Don't worry! Click below to get started.

Beauvechain F-16 Pilots

Two F-16s were directed to investigate strange lights reported by residents a few miles south of Brussels. A large unidentified object had appeared on the base's radar, so the pilots were sent to intercept.

The pilots reached 3,000 feet and were able to lock onto the craft, reporting to the base that they had intercepted a "structured UFO." Almost immediately after they had reported it, the object started behaving strangely.

The radar screens onboard their aircraft displayed a rapidly-changing diamond shape, which suddenly accelerated to 600 mph before slowing down just as quickly to 170 mph.

It then dove 3,300 feet in two seconds and accelerated from 170 to 1,100 mph at the same time. The pilots did not hear a sonic boom, which is highly unusual; sonic booms usually occur around 750 mph at sea level.

According to the pilots' instruments, the craft then pulled away at 46G — 46 times the force of gravity. This is more than enough force to crush a human being into a pulp.

The craft headed west across the English Channel and disappeared into the night sky. During their 65-minute interaction, the pilots were able to capture 15 photographs. Unfortunately, they were unable to pursue the craft in their F-16s, even though the airplanes are capable of more than twice the speed of sound.

A former Belgian Defense Minister admitted that there was at least one attempt to pursue a similar craft prior to the events of March 1990. He ruled out the possibility of a stealth plane, and was only able to conclude there was no rational explanation of the evidence.

Next week we're looking at an article that was written five years after the events of March 30 and 31, 1990.

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