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Over Oloron, France, on October 17, 1952 in the early afternoon, residents saw a strange sight. Said high school superintendent Jean-Yves Prigent, there was "a cottony cloud of [a] strange shape... Above it, a narrow cylinder, apparently inclined at a 45-degree angle, was slowly moving in a straight line toward the southwest... A sort of plume of white smoke was escaping from its upper end."

In front of this cylinder, witnesses saw around 30 smaller objects. Some used opera glasses to get a better view, which revealed the objects were red spheres surrounded by a yellow ring. Prigent said "These saucers moved in pairs, following a broken path characterized in general by rapid and short zig-zags. When two saucers drew away from one another, a whitish streak, like an electric arc was produced between them."

After this, a white, hair-like substance was released from the objects, wrapping itself in telephone wires, tree branches, the roofs of houses, and more. When witnesses picked up the material and rolled it into a ball, it transformed into a Jello-like substance and vanished.

There was a man who was observing the phenomenon from a bridge. He claimed the material landed on him, became trapped, and the only way to get out was by cutting himself out. The material collected itself and then ascended through the air.

An almost-identical series of events happened in Gaillac, France, ten days later.

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