World UFO Day is July 2nd!

What is World UFO Day?

It is a day dedicated to raising awareness about unidentified flying objects. Some celebrate the day on June 24, which is the day Kenneth Arnold reported the first widely-circulated UFO story in the United States. Read our post about that UFO sighting here. Others observe it on July 2, which is the day of the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. We did a whole investigation on the Roswell crash; click here to start the journey.

A fun way to celebrate World UFO Day

You can plan a UFO Day party to commemorate the event. UFO enthusiasts gather at UFO hotspots around the world to share their stories and provide support to other believers, and to observe any strange phenomena that might come to light in the night sky. Where is the closest UFO hotspot to you?

World UFO Day is a great opportunity to watch the sky on the same night each year to raise awareness and make the case for extraterrestrial visitors.

The United States government has been reluctant to publicly acknowledge extraterrestrial life for a long time. This is why celebrating World UFO Day is a great opportunity to do so. However, the government's stance has been changing over the past few decades. There have been recent Congressional hearings about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and their threat to national security.

Official Website for World UFO Day

There's even an official website for World UFO Day. It includes links to documentaries and even UFO art! Click the button below to visit the website.

How will you celebrate World UFO Day? Tag us in your plans on social media using the buttons below!

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