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British Millionaire Buys Royal Air Force Base & Might Hunt UFOs

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A British millionaire and entrepreneur named Willian Sachiti recently bought an old Royal Air Force Base located near Norfolk, England. It's a 250,000-square foot Cold War-era radar station. That's nearly 4 and a half football fields!

The Base to Potentially Spot UFOs

The base is called RAF Neatishead, and is about 7 miles northeast of Norfolk, England. It was built during WWII and has both a main technical site and remote (and occasionally unmanned) sites.

In 2004 it was determined that activities at RAF Neatishead would be heavily scaled back, and in 2006 it was fully demoted to Remote Radar Head (RRH) status. 

William Sachiti

Sachiti said he'll mostly be  using the base to test his autonomous vehicles, but that he also purchased a 25-foot tall radar system which he would "obviously" be using to find UFOs.

The system, known as the AMES Type 84 radar unit, was originally used as a way to detect nuclear bombs and missiles. It was operational from 1962 to 1994, utilizing microwave technology to detect nuclear material.

Sachiti asked the public on Reddit for what he should use it saying, "I will find a way to bring this to life and let the people choose the best way to use it."

"If people want to hunt UFOs, I guess it is hunting UFOs. My expensive hobby will be finding UFOs. If that's what the world wants, who am I to judge?"

The giant, high-tech system will take some time and effort to become operational again, and Sachiti said it might take a few years to be fully functional.

This month we're taking a close look at a strange UFO spotted in 1956 Levelland, Texas.

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