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Tic Tac-Shaped UFO Seen in Maine

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A strange video has come to light. Captured on June 20 but just now becoming known, it depicts a Tic Tac-shaped UFO and two military jets flying across the sky near Arcadia National Park in Maine.

Above photo credit to Alex McCall and Triangle News

UFO Seen Flying Above Park

Two top gun pilots are shown chasing a UFO over a park full of tourists. Alex McCall was there with his daughter and grandchildren, and his daughter was able to capture the footage on her iPhone.

Alex was an airline pilot for 25 years, and is convinced the UFO wasn't another plane. He says, "My daughter took the video. It's legit; we don't know what it is... We were on vacation in Maine. There were dozens if not hundreds of people around."

"My kids and grandkids saw it and then heard it. My daughter got her phone out and... pointed in the right direction but couldn't tell if she was getting video of it."

There are people saying it's CGI that are obviously clueless. She stopped filming when she couldn't see them anymore. It was taken with an iPhone.

Alex McCall // July 2022

He continues with: "One person said his mum got a good video of it. It all happened so fast. You can hear my grandson say he likes jets. Everyone thought the white thing was another airplane until I looked at the video."

Alex had his own UFO sighting back in the '90s saying, "I saw a UFO in 1996 and know what I saw. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it. The reason I know there is something to some of the sightings is because I saw exactly the same thing."

This isn't the first time a Tic Tac UFO has been seen near the United States. Just last year, the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of a similar UFO filmed by a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot from the USS Nimitz. It was located off the coast of Mexico.

This month we're investigating a strange occurrence in Levelland, Texas in the 1960s.

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