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Project Blue Book is a codename for the military program to systematically study reports of unidentified flying objects. It was used by the United States Air Force from March 1952 until December 17, 1969. Its mission was to discover the nature of these mysterious objects. This program was instrumental in helping the government understand the universe's workings. It was the first program of its kind.

Project Blue Book has investigated over 700 UFO cases. Many cases are unsolvable, but most can be explained by meteorological events, temperature changes, or weather balloons.

After the program ended, Project Blue Book's documentation was transferred to the Modern Military Branch of the National Archives and Records Service. In December 2017, the Pentagon officially acknowledged the existence of the UFO research program. Although the documentation transferred to NARS shows that the project was halted in 2012, some officials speculate that it is still ongoing.

Despite the fact that the Air Force has never reopened the project, its documentation is now available for public review. This documentation is a valuable resource to anyone interested in investigating UFOs. It was not clear if the program had other purposes than to gather scientific evidence for the UFO community. Its closure has not caused the UFO community to lose faith in the Air Force, and the documentation has since been permanently transferred to the National Archives and Records Service (NARA).

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