Woman Discovered A UFO, Now Has Daily Alien Encounters

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Regular encounters occurring in and around St. Louis, Missouri 

A 29-year-old woman named Lily Nova took up astrophotography to battle COVID-19 lockdown boredom. She had an alien encounter in November of 2020, and says aliens now visit her on a daily basis.

Events of November 2020

"My first encounter with aliens and UFOs was very intense," said Lily. "I went outside for some fresh air one night and I immediately locked eyes with a bright light hovering over the neighborhood."

"I started investigating and realized it was a UFO... I looked away briefly and when I looked back, there was a second craft that was much closer. I could actually see the triangular shape of the craft."

Lily goes on to say, "the UFOs did some impressive maneuvers [that showed] me that it wasn't a regular aircraft before they disappeared above me. It really spooked me because aliens and UFOs [weren't] something I [had] thought about much before."

It was a total reality-shifting experience.

Lily Nova // November 2020

"A few months later, I had my second encounter..."

During her second encounter, Lily was actually able to see the aliens and what they looked like.

"One of the first beings I saw was a girl with light blue skin. She had no hair, but she was very beautiful. She was wearing a skintight grey suit and I saw her shipmates standing behind her in the same uniform.

"I have also seen another group of beings with light blonde hair, fair and glowing skin and bright blue eyes."

After [my second encounter], it kept happening more frequently and now I am having experiences daily.

Lily Nova

How the encounters have changed her life

"My encounters have been very close from the start. I could not believe what I was seeing, it was groundbreaking and it piqued my interest in astrophotography even more. I needed to find out as much as possible.

"I abandoned my career as a nutritionist because it was overtaken by my passion for finding out more about UFOs and aliens. [That's] not something I ever expected to happen.

"These experiences have changed everything for me. It has totally changed my view of the world and I have learnt so much about the cosmos and other beings. I have been focusing on spreading awareness of what I have found."

The shock of my encounters with the UFOs eventually turned to comfort as I had more and more experiences. It felt like I was developing a relationship with them.

Lily Nova

What Lily's life is like now

Lily's relationship with the aliens has flourished, and she can even invite these experiences now when she is in a happy, open, and relaxed state of mind. She says she's even evolved to have a sixth sense, and a gut feeling before they're about to appear.

Lily added: "Whenever I am out doing my creative passion, astrophotography, this is when I believe I can make contact and invite these encounters.

"During my first initiated contact, where I have invited them instead of them just showing up, I even received a vision of being on the space ship and of the ship's crew members.

"I have been out with a friend who is experienced in meditation, and we set our intention for them to appear to us, and within five minutes of getting out the car, a bright golden orb appears and was moving around to our questions."

Since the shock wore off, I just feel joy, love and peace. They are such beautiful and positive experiences; sometimes I even bawl my eyes out crying while it's happening.

Lily Nova

"I believe that they come to me because I believe in them, I am open-minded and I am welcoming towards them. It has been fascinating to learn about the universe and to create the incredible connection that has been formed."

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