The idea that we are being visited by aliens has been around for decades, but there has been little hard evidence to support the claim. Several government investigations, including the one involving an alien spacecraft crash on Earth, have been conducted, but the findings have been controversial. Many believe that the government is lying about their findings. While some have argued that such events are simply conspiracy theories, others maintain that aliens have already visited our planet and are causing a global health crisis.

This skepticism is largely rooted in the fact that the government has not done any serious investigation into the allegations of aliens. There has been, however, a recent surge of interest in the subject. The Pentagon’s UFO program, which has been examining unexplained aircraft and phenomena, brought legitimacy to UFO research. Previously, UFO research was associated with speculation and stereotypical views of UFO enthusiasts.

Another theory is that Area 51 is a facility where aliens have crashed. A recent lawsuit reveals that workers at Area 51 had experienced serious health problems because of their work. While Area 51’s existence has been admitted by the government, there is still a long history of conspiracy theories based on the existence of aliens on Earth.

The National Archives has extensive documentation regarding UFOs and flying disks. Many of these documents have been scrutinized by scientists, but they have still yet to provide definitive proof. Another important resource is Project Blue Book, which consists of retired declassified records from the United States Air Force’s investigations of UFOs from 1947 to 1969.

Other claims include the existence of alien bodies. Apparently, dummies with alien-like features fell from the sky in the 1950s and were picked up by military vehicles. However, these were actually a part of Project Mogul, a top-secret atomic espionage project. Many sightings have been associated with secret rocket tests by the Soviet Union.

In a recent interview, former President Barack Obama was asked about aliens. He said, “In the past thirty years, our nation has had nine alien craft that they have studied.”

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