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High-Resolution Photo Taken of Giant UFO

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A car mechanic named Juan Manuel Sanchez spotted a very large, disc-shaped object emerging from a cloud in Mexico. Sanchez was taking photos of a storm that was approaching, and was able to capture a photo of the UFO with his camera. He recalled: "We were working here outside at the workshop when we saw some very dark clouds — it was cloudy like it is now, a bit more.

"When we started watching it was in one place, [and] it wasn't moving... Then as I got the second and third photo it started moving upwards... As it was going away I could see it more, the shape of a disc."

His wife and one of his coworkers also said they saw the strange disc before it shot off into space. At first, Sanchez wasn't sure he would go public with his story, as he feared the stigma associated with UFOs.

He said he was "in shock" after first seeing the object, but noted it wasn't "fear, but something like astonishment." He was disappointed he wasn't able to take a video, but since his phone was already in photo mode, he just took the pictures he could before the UFO vanished. He told a local news station, "It was right there above that house above the cables  — it's sad I wasn't able to get a video."

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